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      ou are now witnessing the birth of music. The home of the new generation of musicians, artists, writers and performers on an epic scale. From obscurity they grow to realise opportunity. Making music of the people, by the people, and bringing it to the people. Walking along with you and countless numbers of others, together we shall all change the way music is created, enjoyed and distributed forever. Welcome to the future. Keep your eyes open and hold on tight for it may get a little rough whilst we face opposition. As with all things that matter one cannot escape the process of - dream - struggle - victory... The future is here today and by chance so are you. Ghetto Prayer humbly says Congratulations and thank you in joining us in the fun as time rushes in this revolution in music.


The Ghetto Prayer Music Revolution provides a dynamic introduction to the most prominent artists and musical styles that have emerged in the United Kingdom and the music world today exemplifying how music creation and distribution policies have shaped artistic life. Lawrence Prayer gives you a personal introduction to the first wave of artists and performers who have taken their craft to new heights and who continue to innovate minute by minute. Our joint struggle documents the many ways performance has changed and emphasizes the close links between political, cultural and musical activity in our quest to gain our economic freedom. Ghetto Prayer embodies the development of dance styles, artistic expression, folkloric and electronic drumming and the design of beats all intermingled amongst modern day tattoo art expressions on skin and even religious traditions, and other forms of influential culture. Music historically transcends racial, political, sociological and ideological dogma to exist as a form of escapism. Most importantly, Ghetto Prayer embodies how the arts have become a point of negotiation between individuals, with their unique backgrounds and interests, and official organisations. Our emotive expressions show how we have responded to the reality of musical revolution and have created spaces for all individuals concerned, including you. Enjoy the music!

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